January 4, 2018

“You’ll never actually be ready for kids.”

“You’ll never actually be ready for kids.”

As of October 13, 2017 at 10:36 a.m…. I’ve realized that YUP, this is 1000% true. My husband and I were instantly thrown into this crazy thing called parenthood. It’s January… we still don’t know what we are doing. And I’m convinced we will be “winging it” for the rest of our lives.

My pregnancy was average with a little morning/all day sickness here and there. Except one time I got shingles in my first trimester and used up all my sick days at work. And that other time I had a kidney stone. Or the time I fell into our pool and broke my foot. Ok maybe it was a little rough for me… but thankfully nothing ever was a concern for that sack of potatoes inside of me (more on this later).

On a Friday the 13th, when Jett decided he would finally give me my body back, he pretty much just popped right out! Thankfully we were able to get to the hospital and I got my epidural in time – despite the fact that my husband spent 30 minuets picking out which gym shorts he wanted to wear and driving the speed limit at 3 in the morning.

And this is where I am going to be 100% real. After he was born, I kept waiting for this “moment” to suddenly happen… you know the one where you instantly bond with your baby like the Pampers commercials. But honestly it took a few days for the shock to wear off that a LIVE HUMAN came out of me! I’m pretty sure I even called our little Jett “it” a few times. Call me a bad mom but there has to be some other mother on the planet that has felt this way! I actually think my first words after he was born were “Holy crap! You are NOT a sack of potatoes!”

Rewind to about a year and a half ago, my husband and I moved across the country away from both of our families due to his job. I had told my mom that I really wanted about a week with just Jett and my husband before she came to meet him and help. Well it took one night of no sleep before I texted her GET HERE NOW! She was there within hours. Sometimes you just want your mom. And now that’s my role. MOM.

A few days later I realized this was not a dream, the shock had worn off, and we were totally bonded. So bonded in fact that I was able to teach Jett about one of the greatest joys of this world… cheeseburgers. Judge away people! Because at a few days old Jett made his grand appearance at Red Robin for lunch.

At almost three months old he’s been on a plane four times, had diaper changes at the barn on the tailgate of my truck, been licked in the mouth by our loving babysitter/golden retriever, went to his first NHL game, and been smothered with love by way too many people who probably didn’t wash their hands first.

Its true… I don’t think all the preparation in the world could actually prepare me for having a kid. One of my biggest fears was that I would lose my sense of self. So many of my friends and family told me that I wouldn’t have a life anymore. And in a way they are right… but its not just MY life any more its OUR lives. And we are choosing to live them to the fullest.




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