May 10, 2018

Wrigley Mansion Engagement Session | Meghan & Davis

This session was SO special to me! Meghan and my little sister Katie have been best friends since kindergarten and I have so many memories of them growing up together! They even shared birthday parties because they have the same June 4th birthday! Even though Meghan moved to Phoenix, she and Katie are still very close. Katie might even be a little jealous since we get to see her more! 🙂  I remember Meghan as a little girl with bright red hair and a spunky personality – it seems so crazy that I just took her engagement portraits!

I’ve always admired Meghan’s adventurous spirit and fearless personality. I don’t think she’s afraid to try anything! She’s a pilot, aerospace engineer, world traveler, and incredibly fit hiker! (Katie and I tried to hike with her once… she basically runs up the mountains! We didn’t make it to the top…) So when Payton and I moved to Phoenix two years ago and knew no one, one of the first things we did was meet Meghan and Davis for dinner. It was easy to see why Meghan fell for him! Davis shares the same adventurous spirit that Meghan has – loves flying, also an engineer, loves to travel, and avid hiker. If I’ve ever met two people that were just MEANT to be together, its Meghan and Davis! There was lots of laughter at dinner and Payton and I left taking bets on how long it would be before they were engaged!

Meghan and Davis are getting married this November at the historic Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a beautifully vintage style mansion that was once home to the Wrigley Family – yes, the guy who started the Wrigley Gum Company! The venue is awesome with the hand painted ceilings, swirling staircases, and gorgeous views of Camelback Mountain. We had a great time wandering the rooms and gardens and Meghan and Davis were more than willing to let me photograph them every time I found a spot I loved! (Which was every two seconds!)

We wrapped up the night on the patio and and toasted to the future Mr. & Mrs. Chappins as we watched the sunset! Enjoy a few favorites from their engagement shoot!



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