March 22, 2019

Rainbow Baby Maternity Session | Herchold Family

When I first started this photography journey, I reached out to some families at my school to see if they would be willing to help me build my portfolio. Bailie graciously offered her family but we could never seem to find the right time to do photos! We would have something scheduled and then something would come up, the weather would be bad, and at one point, Bailie told me her family’s sad news – they had suffered a miscarriage. My heart broke for them. I had been in her shoes before and I remember the sadness that I never thought would end. And to make it even worse, this was her second in a row.

But life has a funny way of bringing people together, and little did I know I would need Bailie as much as she needed me. Bailie had told me she had gotten pregnant again after finding an infertility specialist in Scottsdale and I was absolutely THRILLED for her and her family! I was one of the few who knew and checked in with her often. Every time she reported all was well I breathed a sigh of relief! In December I was excited to tell her that we were also expecting! Unfortunately, a few weeks later, I broke the news to Bailie that we lost our little. (You can read more about that HERE)

Although it was such a sad time, I was so grateful for Bailie and our friendship. Payton was there with me every step of the way and was an amazing and supportive husband – but men don’t understand the emotional and physical pain of losing a little like a woman does. She probably doesn’t know this, but her texts and our conversations were a relief at some of my worst moments! We have become close friends and she STILL checks up on me!

Although we had to reschedule so many times, this photoshoot was meant to be! It was perfect timing and I am SO SO SO thrilled for their family! I can’t wait to meet their sweet rainbow baby boy in July! Love you guys!



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