November 16, 2019

Arizona State Fair | BMP Spokesmodels

I could tell you all about how amazing this day was and how many gorgeous pictures we took, but that’s not what really matters… Ok it matters a little because obviously I want all my images to look amazing! But these girls matter. They are kind. They are smart. They are silly, loyal, selfless, and they ALL brought their moms! Getting to know these girls has been such a bigger experience than I originally thought. I admit my first thought was how a Spokesmodel team could help my business. But then I realized that’s not my only priority. It’s all about the relationships that I develop with my clients.  And I have SO enjoyed getting to know Kaylee, Carly, and Peyton! We all share a love for horses – which I didn’t purposely plan! (Girls… spokesmodel trail ride soon?!) We all love to laugh! My cheeks hurt every time I leave a session with them! And they are my biggest cheerleaders! Always willing to go for a goofy pose or wear a 10 pound flower crown or stand dangerously close to cacti! I am so grateful for their support and I’m so glad they are a part of my 2019 Black Mountain Photography Spokesmodel team! I can’t wait to share more of our time together throughout the year! Love you girls!!




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