I may send too many memes and get overly dramatic when the Diet Coke is gone. I'm a terrible cook and I forgot to do laundry so many times my husband, Payton, has taken over. He's a unicorn - I definitely married up! I love dancing to 90's music with our 4-year-old, Jett, and coaxing sweet smiles from baby Samantha. Our two dogs, Cubbie and Wrigley, have made over four cross-country trips with us (they like to vacation) and my horse, Trudy, enjoys riding to happy hour. (Only in a horse town can you ride your horse to the bar!)

I've always been creative and I love teaching and kids, so becoming an art teacher fulfilled a lifelong dream. And for the record, it still does :) I absolutely love my job! Once I finished my Master's Degree, I started painting nonstop - specializing in pet portraits. I had such a need to create and painting gave me that outlet. After Jett was born, my need for creating evolved into photography. I picked up my Canon Rebel to capture all the sweet memories and quickly became a "MOMtographer!" I invested in more photography education, upgraded my equipment, and Jessie Cancio Photography was born!


creative machine!

Did we just become 

Favorite Netflix Series

Favorite Activity

favorite season

Favorite sports teams

Favorite Fast Food

Favorite Cocktail

Shitt's Creek.... "Ew David"

Buckeyes, Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, & Cubbies of course!

Horseback Riding



Cherry Vodka & Sprite

I'm a Midwestern girl with a heart that bleeds for the Scarlet and Gray and I'm a sucker for a good historical fiction book! Here's what else you'll need to know to see if we're gonna be besties!

gal pals?!

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Jett & Samantha

Cubbie & Wrigley

Proud Papa Bear, finance guy, and winner of multiple fantasy football championships! The glue that holds the family together.

The creative, mom boss, and last minute vacay planner!  Making big photography dreams come true  during nap time!

One's pancake obsessed and the other smiles more than anyone I know! Both loud and lovers of the "hot dog dance."

My late night coworkers and personal clean up crew at dinner.  These two have traveled across the country with us six times!

Fantasy Football King 

The Momtrepreneur

Pancakes and Pacifiers

The Fellas

the Cancio clan!

The reason for my hustle

My Top "must haves" as a photographer



the legal paige

dark sky app


My gallery delivery system that provides a beautiful user experience to view, download, and order prints.

The best client management system from inquiry to invoicing. Everything organized in one place. 

The only girl I trust to keep me "legally legit!" Paige has contracts and clauses for every wedding vendor.

My go-to app for checking weather, cloud coverage, and sunset times.

The editing software I use to edit quickly and efficiently for quick turn around times.

Let's celebrate! Whether you're rockin' out to "Sweet Caroline" at your wedding reception or taking that first step into the big wide world, I'll be right there with you capturing all the sweet memories! Because let's face it. When the ceremony is over and the cake is all gone... your photos last forever!


Let's do this!

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