July 10, 2018

When You Give A Baby A Cookie…

I tend to be impulsive and have a “YOLO” type of personality. It probably scares Payton a little bit – but life really is too short to not take take pictures of your child in a bathtub full of cookies.  So when I told Payton my idea for these photos, he gave me “the look.” You know… the one that says “this sounds like a disaster and we already have enough photos of our kid.” And he was in the middle of working, so I could tell he was not into it. But being the good sport he is, he jumped right in to help me. The cookies probably helped my cause…

So here I am pouring a gallon of milk into a tiny bathtub while Jett sits with the biggest grin on his face. He’s already going crazy splashing milk everywhere when in walks “Daddy Bear” with his box of cookies. I can’t imagine that life can get much better than a monsoon of cookies raining down on you in a bath full of milk. I now feel that must be an unfulfilled dream of mine (mental note to put that on my bucket list: cookie bath monsoon). As you can tell by the pictures, Jett approved of the experience.

“Today I will live in the moment, unless it’s unpleasant in which case I will eat a cookie!” -Cookie Monster 

And Payton was right. It was a huge mess. I was crammed in the tub with him trying to get some action shots and there were cookies and milk everywhere! My camera, down my shirt, on the dogs! Here I thought I would get some sweet pictures of Jett with his cookies but I got a lot of shots with milk dripping from his eyelashes and me smelling like sour milk! He cried when we took him out.

It wasn’t until I started editing these photos the next day that I realized how big Jett has gotten. We just hit another milestone with crawling recently and he’s even trying to stand up on his own. Every parent says it… but now I understand. Time, please slow down. It makes me realize that even doing something as silly as a cookie bath creates memories that I will treasure forever. There was a lot of milk. A lot of cookies. And a lot of laughter. Most importantly I get to share these memories with my family.



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